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Taking sexy selfies can look like the simplest and most natural for some people. But if you have ever tried this on your own, this process can be a very hard “one take” picture to accomplish. To begin. a selfie simply means a picture take usually by the a person holding up a camera of some sort, usually a cell phone, by themselves. As selfies started become all the rage a few years ago, people started taking selfies to all kinds of crazy and sexy selfies. After some hard work and practice from millions of the hottest girls from around the world, the “sexy selfie” was officially born and voted by all the most popular type of selfie to be taken. To see hot sexy women who love taking sexy selfies click here now!

It takes just a few simple steps to create your own hot sexy selfies for the yourself, and others to enjoy. With that being said, let me walk you through sexy selfies success:


Step One: Choose your camera that will you will be taking selfies with it. You should consider the type of camera you use, because this will determine the type of look your selfie has. The most popular choice by far is the cell phone and these have many advantages over traditional cameras. Some popular reasons include: multiple filters, instant downloading capabilities, instant editing, and can take as many as you want for basically free. See girls who know how to handle cameras now.


Step Two: Choose the setting you want to take your selfies sexy in or at. Most of the hottest selfies on the internet come when people share intimate moments in intimate places that we normally do not get to see. Bathrooms, bedrooms, changing rooms and other risqué environments are ideal. Consider lighting, elements and time of day or other activity in the background of the selfie.


Step Three: Wardrode!! Will there be or lack thereof in your selfie. I usually like to live by the motto, sex sells! Usually the more skin you are showing, the bigger reaction you are going to get. Sometimes it’s all about being as suggestive as possible and letting the mind wander only when need be.


Step Four: Choose your pose and position. Are you going to be looking directly at the camera? Or maybe away instead? How is your body going to be angled? Are you going to be showing more of the background? All of these aspects need to be considered when taking a good selfie. Magic never happens without preparation.


Step 5: Start snapping away. Don’t be afraid to take multiple pictures at a time. Take as many as you can and try to be as natural as you can be behind the lens. You can always delete or edit the photos that you are not the happiest with. But you never know when you are going to take that one gem that truly captures your sexy selfie side. Trade sexy selfies now with hot girls locals near you!


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