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In our society, its safe to say that the selfie is the hottest and fastest adapted type of photography in the world. Everyone is now their own personal photographer and when you add porn stars with some of the world’s best phone cameras, you now have the Porn star selfie!

But just because mostly everyone I know, including myself is not a porn star, we can still take Porn star selfies that will help us get laid!

We compiled some of the hottest tips collected from some of the biggest adult stars and sexy women on the planet. Sit back and learn, then join one of the best adult selfies site on the net right here!

Tip 1:

It’s all about the angles! We all know we have a “good side” so why not let the camera capture it! The angle of where you take your picture will always help you look your best and sexiest.


Tip 2:

Focus…Focus…. Focus!!! It’s all about making sure you are the center of attention of your picture. Make sure there is nothing in your picture that will draw the attention away from you.


Tip 3:

Timers- One simple tip that I always ask people when I see them struggling to hold their phone while trying to push the button to take a selfie. Why don’t you use your built in timer in your phone- I have a iPhone and they have a 3 second and second feature which should always do the trick. Simply set the timer and press the photo button, then you now can adjust yourself and phone before taking the ultimate selfie!

What did other of the worlds hottest porn stars say when they do to take the Ultimate Sexy Selfie??

The top responses: show lots of cleavage, know your selfie face, best lighting will make your selfies shine, and show some skin…. I mean a lot of skin!

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